Markus Fischer: A robot that flies like a bird2 Plenty of robots can fly — but none can fly like a real bird. That is, until Markus Fischer and his team at Festo built SmartBird, a large, lightweight robot, modeled on a seagull, that flies by flapping its wings. A soaring demo fresh from TEDGlobal 2011.
Daniel Suarez: The kill decision shouldn’t belong to a robot
As a novelist, Daniel Suarez spins dystopian tales of the future. On the TEDGlobal stage, he talks us through a real-life scenario: the rise of autonomous robotic weapons of war. advanced drones, automated weapons and AI-powered intelligence-gathering tools…
Keller Rinaudo: A mini robot — powered by your phone
Your smartphone may feel like a friend — but a true friend would give you a smile once in a while. Keller Rinaudo demos Romo, the smartphone-powered mini robot who can motor along with you on a walk, slide you a cup of coffee across the table, and react to you.
David Lang: My underwater robot

David Lang is a maker who taught himself to become an amateur oceanographer — or, he taught a robot to be one for him. In a charming talk Lang shows how he and a network of ocean lovers teamed up to build open-sourced, low-cost underwater explorers.
Dennis Hong: My seven species of robot
Dennis Hong introduces seven award-winnning, all-terrain robots — like the humanoid, soccer-playing DARwIn and the cliff-gripping CLIMBeR — all built by his team at RoMeLa, Virginia Tech. Watch to the end to hear the five creative secrets to his lab’s incredible technical success.
Miguel Nicolelis: A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts.
Can we use our brains to directly control machines — without requiring a body as the middleman? Miguel Nicolelis talks through an astonishing experiment, in which a clever monkey in the US learns to control a monkey avatar, and then a robot arm in Japan, purely with its thoughts.
Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly … and cooperate
In his lab at Penn, Vijay Kumar and his team build flying quadrotors, small, agile robots that swarm, sense each other, and form ad hoc teams — for construction, surveyingsurveying disasters and far more.
Ken Goldberg: 4 lessons about being human
The more that robots ingrain themselves into our everyday lives, the more we’re forced to examine ourselves as people. At TEDxBerkeley, Ken Goldberg shares four very human lessons that he’s learned from working with robots. (Filmed at TEDxBerkeley.)
Heather Knight: Silicon-based comedy
In this first-of-its-kind demo, Heather Knight introduces Data, a robotic stand-up comedian that does much more than rattle off one-liners — it gathers audience feedback and tunes its act as the crowd responds.
Péter Fankhauser: Meet Rezero, the dancing ballbot
Onstage at TEDGlobal, Péter Fankhauser demonstrates Rezero, a robot that balances on a ball. Designed and built by a group of engineering studentsstudents, Rezero is the first ballbot made to move quickly and gracefully — and even dance.
Guy Hoffman: Robots with “soul”
What kind of robots does an animatoranimator / jazz musician / roboticist make? Playful, reactive, curious ones. Guy Hoffman shows demo film of his family of unusual robots — including two musical bots that like to jam with humans. (Filmed at TEDxJaffa.)
Rodney Brooks: Robots will invade our lives
In this prophetic talk from 2003, roboticist Rodney Brooks talks about how robots are going to work their way into our lives — starting with toys and moving into household chores … and beyond.