What an interesting endeavour to define self through words. I carry such a multitude of titles and perform such a variety of tasks, some of them well, some poorly. I suppose that my best effort to help you know me will really just result in just a smattering of small bits of me and the life I live. Still a smattering may prove interesting.

My favorite title right now is “Daddy”, so first of all I am a father of four beautiful, super smart, slightly crazy children.

Over the past few years the brain things in my head suggested four words that resonate with me, and leave me with warm goodly feelings. Artist, Writer, Speaker, Teacher. I like to imagine myself famous some day in all four of these categories.

I first encountered clay at the age of four, stealing little bits of clay from my older step-brother’s school project. I fell in love and could not resist the need to mold and shape that clay. Inspired, my brother bought me my own package of clay for my fifth birthday. Since then, I have made things out of clay and many other materials. Although I actively participated in school projects and scribbled with crayons and paper, I did not really start to draw until I was fourteen. It was at this same time that I first read about Leonardo da Vinci and developed an intense interest in human physiology and anatomy. I decided at fourteen that I wanted to be like the great artists of the High Renaissance. I learned to draw and sculpt the muscles and bones of the body. I dissected cadavers and studied science as part of my formal college studies.

My first real creative writing began at around 12 in the form of really bad poetry. I even wrote an epic poem called The Lords of Hell (I was a slightly disturbed child in middle school). My best friend’s grandmother, heard me do a public reading of my poem and afterward gave me a notebook and encouraged me to keep writing (she was a great painter and lover of the arts). Though, I did not follow her admonition right away, I now find myself striving to capture the stories in my heart.

It is funny, but my first shot at public speaking occurred around that same time I started writing. I gave a talk for my church and hands down it had to be one of the worst public speaking events ever. I pretty much cried and spoke incoherently. I later redeemed myself with several spectacular talks from 16 to 19 and have had many opportunities to speak publicly since.

With regards to teaching, who knows when it started. I remember tutoring, teaching, coaching others as far back as elementary school. Today, teaching remains one of my most favorite endeavors.

My formal education includes a BFA with an emphasis in sculpture, BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a minor in Spanish, an MEd in Instructional Systems, and now I am in pursuit of a PhD in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences.

I am joyfully married to Jamie Wilde, Master Naturalist, who keeps me in touch with nature, life, and art. We currently live in the “tops of the mountains” near the Idaho border.