I will write as plan as possible.

I want every single person in the world to experience my work and benefit from it. However, that work represents a small part of me, of my spirit and my will to create. So with that in mind I beg for your respect.

  1. You may reproduce my work without alteration. That means you can copy it, print it, save it, etc., but I do not want you to change it in any significant way. You may remove the color (grey-scale or black and white), change the size, and even crop it to fit your needs, but do not add to it, change the color, or run it through a filter.
  2. You may distribute my work with limitation. If you want to make copies of my work and send it to your friends, family, loved ones, or use my stuff for a class or demonstration, you may do so. Like I said, I want everyone in the world to experience my work.
  3. You may not resell my work or profit from it in any way without my permission. Give it away all you want, but if you want to use it for gain, please contact me at rjay.wilde@gmail.com. I am not against selling my creative work, I just want my share if money is to be made.
  4. As you use my work, please let me know. If I know how you use it, then the creative power will bend in your favor. Also, it it is a way of saying thank you. Lets face it Thank You possesses a wonderful ind of magic that gladdens the heart and it costs so little.
  5. Last and least important, give back. You will find on my site places to donate and may even find places where i suggest donation amounts. You donation simple goes toward helping to keep this site going and to me creating more wonderfulness to share.

If you find anything unclear or have any questions, just shoot me an email or post a comment here and I will answer as promptly as possible.

Thanks a bunch,

R-Jay Wilde