My first real creative writing began at around 12 in the form of really bad poetry. I even wrote an epic poem called The Lords of Hell (I was a slightly disturbed child in middle school). My best friend’s grandmother, heard me do a public reading of my poem and afterward gave me a notebook with an admonition to keep writing (she was a great painter and lover of the arts).

I did not follow her sagely encouragement. Instead the public school method of teaching convinced me thoroughly that not only was writing absolutely tedious, but also that I was not very good at it. I let it go, at least with words but not with my art.

As I studied art history in college, I discovered that  many artists used their art to tell stories. All this time, while I shunned writing my stories, I told them again and again in my art work. In my hear of hearts, I was a story teller.

So now, I write training, video scripts, technical procedures, poetry, children’s books, short stories, and even embark on that journey towards a full length novel.

Enjoy a few samples of my writing here as well as a link to my published work

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