Hey, What’s Up?

Wow! It has been ages since I last posted on this blog. Well I am repenting.
So I find myself in this incredible situation. A few months ago we decided that maybe it was time to finally go back and start my PhD. Amazing to me, USU accepted me as a student. Right before starting classes, my employer tells me that I am impacted by a headcount reduction. What?!

USU responded immediately with a Graduate Assistant position which basically covers my tuition and rent. This would be totally awesome if it was jut me, but with a wife and four kids, it is not enough. Lucky for us right now, we have some severance.

We believe strongly that God is at work here. He wants us to move in a different direction, so we are working hard to see that path He wants for us.

If you are looking for a totally awesome Senior Instructional Designer, send me a note.

The Beginning of a New Year

I love the beginning of a new year and how it feels like starting over. Each year brings a new opportunity to do something wonderful. Really each day brings that opportunity, but it is at the year’s end that I find myself reflecting the most and looking forward to what could be. During the day to day the mind is exhausted by… well the day to day of life.

This year, I set numerous goals as always, but I found nine that I want to share and track publicly:
• 50 dates with Jamie
• 12 joyful surprises for Jamie
• Hike 100 miles
• Walk 3.5 million steps
• Pay off $15,000 in debt
• Read 50 books
• Write 80,000 words
• Log 300 studio hours
• Create 100 works of art

During the coming month there will be some changes to my site to allow an easy way to share my progress.